digital perm

What is a digital perm?


A digital perm is a new technique of creating a shiny and bouncy wave to your hair.
As a new trend-setting hairstyling treatment, the digital perm uses temperature controlled rods that are all powered by a machine with a digital display(hence the name).
The biggest difference between other perms techniques and the digital perm is the shape and texture of the wave created.

A normal perm is known for creating very tight curls which were very popular in the 1980s and makes the waves more prominent when the hair is wet.
A digital perm creates the wave as if you have used a curling iron and makes the wave more prominent when the hair is dry against a normal perm.
Digital perms also thermally recondition the hair which is a similar process to a straightening perm. Your hair will often feel softer, smoother and shinier after digital perm treatment.

A digital perm makes the hair wavy when it is dry, so you must blow-dry with a hairdryer and use your fingers to twist the curls as it dries. Styling is very easy and if you set your curls in the morning, your style will maintain all day and give you loose waves look. You can also revive your curls during the day simply by twisting them with your fingers.
Non suitable hair
*High damaged hair (Bleach processed hair)
*Very fine hair

Q, Will a digital perm damage my hair?

It always depends on the condition of your hair before the process.
Hair actually gets damaged by chemical and heating process anyway but with a digital perm, the thermal reconditions the hair to leave it smooth and shiny.

Q,How long does the process take?

It normally takes approximately 3 hours depending on the hair condition, length and density. Your hair will need to be cut before the digital perm is created for nicer, cleaner waves.

Q, How long does the wave/curls last?

It also depends on the condition of your hair and the style that you want to achieve. If the hair condition is good then it normally last around 3 - 6 months.

Q, Does a digital perm work on bleached hair?

By using a solution for high damaged hair, it is possible to do the digital perm on bleached hair but the results will not be as nice as unbleached hair.

Q, Is it suitable for short hair?

Digital perm is normally suitable for medium to long hair. If there is not enough length, the digital perm will not be able to create very big waves.

Q,Does a digital perm give extra the volume from the roots?

Digital perms give only a little volume to the roots. It can not be used too close to your scalp because of safety reasons with the heated rods.


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